Our Virtual Series merges digital instruction with hands-on projects designed to teach engineering and technology principles, while, highlighting the impact engineering has on daily life.

The Virtual Series is open to students in grades 6th-8th.

  • Multi Week Program. One activity is released per week, our goal is to promote understanding and that takes time.

  • Curated Project Boxes. All project materials and instructions are provided to each participating student.

  • Live Instruction. Instructor led group and 1:1 sessions provided, along with self-paced video instruction.

  • Accessible. Participation requires access to an internet connected device and a webcam.

  • Real World Applications. Our projects are accompanied by the stories of the men and women innovating in the engineering and technology realms.

Spring Series

Beginning in April 2021, our Spring Series explores the engineering disciplines at the core of many modern conveniences we take for granted. We'll tackle problems while having fun! Always hands-on and guaranteed to spark curiosity, join us!

Fall Series

Beginning in September 2021, our Fall Series focuses on the compute disciplines enabling the next wave of consumer and industrial technologies. We'll learn to code and apply our knowledge to tackle problems. Always hands-on and guaranteed to spark curiosity, join us!

Applications Open in July!